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  1. Michael Hinsch
  2. Annonces
  3. jeudi 29 janvier 2015
Over the past few years a lot of investment was made to collect vaccine price information through the V3P project. We are happy to announce that V3P now has data available from 25 countries. Please find below a link to the available data. The V3P web platform provides access to both: the raw data: vaccine type, doses per vial, manufacturer, year, annual volume of doses procured, price per dose (USD), incoterms, procurement mechanism, length of contract, source of funding, method of payment some analyses: price sharing by WHO region, WAP by manufacturers and income group, price ranges by income, price ranges by procurement mechanism, price by volume Price information is currently provided mainly by European countries, but we hope to have similar participation from other regions in the medium term. We expect the next round of data inflow to take place between April and end of June, and to cover additional price variables.

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