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  3. lundi 27 juillet 2009
Vietnam To Assess and Evaluate Opportunities To Optimizeby Joanie Robertson and James Cheyne, PATH Optimize is drafting a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health, National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE), in Vietnam to possibly implement two phases of work. The first, an assessment phase, will evaluate opportunities for supply chain system improvement and identify cold chain technology requirements required to optimize supply systems. The second, a demonstration phase, will implement technologies and system interventions that can improve the vaccine supply chain and establish a long-term vision for the evolution of immunization services and support systems. During the assessment phase, NIHE, PATH, and WHO staff will conduct an Effective Vaccine Managementstudy, which will help highlight areas needing improvement in the vaccine supply chain. The team will also discuss future vaccine introduction plans, review, and document potential approaches for information systems strengthening, as well as potential areas of collaboration with fee-based immunization services. Based on the assessment results, the team will craft a vision for an optimal supply chain that can be compared to the existing public sector supply chain. In phase two, Vietnam and partners will begin to demonstrate new approaches and technologies on a pilot scale in three provinces. Those approaches and technologies that prove successful can then be scaled-up nationwide, potentially serving as a model to other countries wishing to implement similar interventions. We invite you to comment on or post a question relating to this article by clicking the “post reply” button on this page. You will have to log in or register, but the process is very simple. To link back to the Optimize e-newsletter, click here.

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