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Ce forum est un lieu d'échange où les membres peuvent poser des questions, partager leurs expériences, coordonner des activités, et discuter les récentes avancées en matière de vaccination.
  1. Catharina de Kat
  2. Gestion du programme
  3. mardi 10 mars 2020

The aim of this webinar is to encourage and support effective communication of data related to vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccines and immunization. The presenters will provide suggestions and insights for developing targeted data visualizations (graphs, charts, icons, infographics or other formats). The presentation and discussion will be based on the WHO/Europe publication: Effective communication of immunization data

  • Presenters
    • Catharina de Kat, Communications Officer, Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization, WHO Regional Office for Europe
    • Holly Nielsen, Designer/Analyst, Digital Communications, WHO Regional Office for Europe
Catharina de Kat Réponse acceptée

Due to COVID-19 response activities, we have to unfortunately postpone this webinar.  A new date will be announced as soon as the situation allows.


  1. il y a plus d'un mois
  2. Gestion du programme
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