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Standard Operating Procedure for Fridge Maintenance

Dear All,

I am a project coordinator for Nexleaf Analytics. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to building low-cost technologies that create positive health, environmental and social impact. I have attached a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for fridge maintenance for your review. Additionally, I have also a little bit of the background about why we have created this SOP.

Nexleaf Analytics is currently deploying ColdTrace, our low-cost remote temperature monitoring device, in about 50 clinics in a district in Kenya and in about 100 sites in Mozambique. If a fridge experiences temperature excursions outside of the 2-8 degrees Celsius for a certain period of time, the ColdTrace sensor sends SMS alerts which notify clinic workers and Ministry of Health staff about vaccines reaching critical temperatures. Each level of the supply system can act on this information to help ensure vaccine safety. The goal of ColdTrace is to increase fridge up-time , improve the maintenance loop, and avoid vaccine wastage due to temperature excursions.

During my recent visits to Kenya and Mozambique, I learned the importance of creating a SOP for nurses that guides actions in three areas: (1) Preventive Fridge Maintenance; (2) What to do when they receive an SMS alert about a cold excursion: and (3) What to do when they receive an SMS alert about a hot excursion.

This SOP was also reviewed by the MOH maintenance departments in the two countries. This draft was slightly modified for Mozambique and translated in Portuguese. I would be more than happy to share that draft if anyone is interested.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this SOP as we are looking to make this SOP as comprehensive as possible. Thank you.
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