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  3. jeudi 16 février 2012
Cross-posted from the January 2012 Global Immunization News issue. Many thanks. 31/01/2012 from Osman Mansoor, UNICEF Pneumonia and diarrhoea remain the top two causes of child deaths. The availability of new vaccines against the top causes of pneumonia (Hib, PCV) and diarrhoea (RV) in children offers the opportunity to rapidly reduce child deaths towards the achievement of MDG4. However, these vaccines cannot prevent all cases of pneumonia and diarrhoea and it is important that these new vaccines do not give rise to unrealistic expectations that could eventually damage the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI). In addition, the introduction of new vaccines offers the opportunity to promote the other interventions that will reduce deaths – especially breast-feeding, hand washing and care-seeking if a child develops danger signs. UNICEF has developed a Framework for developing evidence-based communication strategies to mobilize and engage communities to adopt these healthy actions, including demanding for immunization. It is available at this link , where a Translate button offers translation into hundreds of languages. However, these machine translations are not perfect. The site also includes the Framework in a Word version in English and French. Now a Russian translation is available in word. Please contact Osman Mansoor for a proper translation into another language to help a country use the Framework to develop a communication plan. Any tools, materials, and resources that have been used for new vaccine introduction, are also sought so that country-developed resources can be shared globally.
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