1. sarad raj shrestha
  2. la chaîne d'approvisionnement et de la logistique
  3. vendredi 27 janvier 2017

Dear All

Please help solving this problem in EVM assessment tool. I am unable to use tick box options in electronic version of assessment tool. Please help.



Joseph Mabirizi Réponse acceptée

Dear Sarad

You can as well download a new version and try. Probably you are running a corrupted version

Joseph Mabirizi

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Dan Brigden Réponse acceptée

Dear Sarad, for all EVM issues, please contact the EVM Administrator by email:


Please provide full details of the problem encountered, with screenshots if possible.

yousef Salah Yaqouby Réponse acceptée

I did not have the assessment tool and need it, please how can I get it?

Kshem Prasad Réponse acceptée

Pls remeber to probide details of your operating system and version of the EVM.

Kshem Prasad Réponse acceptée

Suggest youwrite to Soleymane Kone (kones@who.int ) and Paul Colrain (pcolrain@yahoo.com) with precise roblem.

kamal Réponse acceptée

I am too .

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