1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service de livraison
  3. lundi 29 avril 2013
It is customary to develop and share user-friendly ‘OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES’ for clarity and uniformity among service providers as and when a new vaccine (e.g. H1N1, Pentavalent) is introduced or there is a change in strategy (e.g. from 1 dose measles vaccine to 2 doses). From this month (April 2013), in Karnataka (India), 2 doses of the JE vaccine are to be administered in the endemic districts, instead of a single dose, with the DPT/OPV booster + measles 2nd dose; the first dose is to be given when the child is brought for the first dose of the measles vaccine. This gives an opportunity to revamp/refresh/reorient health care providers in running the programme like a well-oiled engine, and becomes a new weapon in the armamentarium. 2-doses-strategy-of-JE-Vaccine.pdf

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