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  3. samedi 19 octobre 2019

Dear viewers

We wish to share the attached with End TB stakeholders for dissemination and needful.

India is committed, eradicated polio and got the certificate in March 2014. In 2018, declared to End TB [Elimination] by 2025, aims to achieve prevalence rate of ≤65, incidence of ≤44 and mortality of ≤3 per lakh population per year and zero catastrophic cost which looks too ambitious. India also declared to screen below 18 year population both for TB and Leprosy and to put on treatment if required. This will help in minimizing the population infection [reservoir of infection]. In this regard vaccinating with live attenuated vaccine in potent condition without any programmatic error early as possible to the newborns for obtaining “immunogenic scar”, administering tuberculin without any programmatic error for early detection of TB infection, early diagnosis and prompt treatment of all TB cases are mandatory.

KVG team proactively and opportunistically discovered several programmatic errors in the administration of tuberculin, shared with stake holders, demosite was established at KVG Medical College, with the support from the government and active participation by the medical colleges in Karnataka rapid replication is happening through CMEW on TST. This is expected to totally eliminate long standing universal operational gaps in administering tuberculin. The attached is the highlights of CMEW held at KVGMCH and KIMS Mangaluru on 15th and 16th October respectively for global sharing.

with best wishes

Holla n team

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