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SDD freezers that maintain -10C and below

Hello, I am brand new to TechNet-21 so this will be my first posting.  I am trying to find an SDD (Solar Direct Drive) freezer which will maintain -10C and below. The product I need to store in Nigeria is surfactant (injected into the lungs of premature babies with collapsed lungs to give them life) which must be kept at that cold temperature to maintain a shelf life of 3 years. The electricity supply throughout the country in Nigeria is erratic and undependable, thus I would like to install an SDD freezer with a distributer (in Lagos) which would be independent of grid power. Surfactant is a very high value and low volume product so a smaller (50-100 liters) SDD freezer would be ideal. My understanding is the freezers designed for freezing ice packs may not maintain -10C and colder thoughout a 24 hour cycle which includes night. The only other solar option I am aware of is to revert back to older technology that relies on solar charged batteries to either operate a 12 or 24 volt DC freezer of use an inverter to power an AC powered freezer. I was hoping to eliminate the weak link in the system, the battery. To date I have not been able to identify an SDD freezer among the mainline manufacturers -- Dulas, SunDanzer, SureChill, Vestfrost, Haier. Thanks for any advice! Dave

Refrigerator/Ice Pack Freezer or Refrigerator Only

Recently, I have seen a number of relatively large RFQ’s for direct drive refrigerators. These refrigerators do not have an ice pack freezer. From past feed back from our customers and WHO we have heard that ice packs are necessary to distribute vaccines to more remote areas. We are concerned that these remote clinics may not be getting a refrigerator, which fits all their needs. We would like to get feed back on this point.

Conditioned icepacks or chilled water packs?

Does somebody know where I can find the latest recommendations of the WHO, to use chilled water packs or conditioned ice packs for vaccine transport and distribution. I heard recommendations changed (chilled > conditioned) but I can not find the source. I even heard it should be posted on this website, but I do not seem to find it. Thanks a lot, Jocelijn stokx
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