After the 2010 earthquake, Haiti committed to introducing 4 new antigens into its routine immunization schedule, which required improving its cold chain (ie, temperature-controlled supply chain) and increasing vaccine storage capacity by installing...

Following the 2010 earthquake, Haiti was at heightened risk for vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) outbreaks due to the exacerbation of long-standing gaps in the vaccination program and subsequent risk of VPD importation from other countries....

Cholera is transmitted through the fecal-oral route, and humans are the natural host. It is caused by the ingestion of O1 and less commonly O139 serogroups of the Vibrio cholerae bacterium and characterized by severe, potentially life-threatening...

BACKGROUND: A national campaign was conducted in Haiti in 2007-2008 to vaccinate all children and adolescents aged 1-19 years with measles-rubella vaccine in support of achieving the Region of the Americas 2010 goal of eliminating rubella and...

In October 2010, a virulent South Asian strain of El Tor cholera began to spread in Haiti. Interventions have included treatment of cases and improved sanitation. Use of cholera vaccines would likely have further reduced morbidity and mortality, but...

The health needs of children and adolescents in humanitarian emergencies are critical to the success of relief efforts and reduction in mortality. Measles has been one of the major causes of child deaths in humanitarian emergencies and further...

Fragile states are home to a sixth of the world\'s population, and their populations are particularly vulnerable to infectious disease outbreaks. Timely surveillance and control are essential to minimise the impact of these outbreaks, but little...

Tremendous progress has been made globally to reduce the contribution of measles to the burden of childhood deaths and measles cases have dramatically decreased with increased two dose measles-containing vaccine coverage. As a result the Global...

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Updated Immunization Delivery Cost Catalogue (IDCC), Webinar and Poster at HSR2018

September 13th 2018

Dear members, You may remember an announcement in May 2018 when ThinkWell launched a set of products on the Immunization Economics platform (

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    New Statement on Strengthening the Immunization Supply Chain through comprehensive EVM

    May 25th 2016

    Dear TechNet Community, WHO and UNICEF are pleased to announce the release of a new Joint Statement on Achieving immunization targets with the comprehensive effective vaccine manage

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    TechNet21 consultation presentations: Dakar, 5-7 Feb. 2013

    February 15th 2013

    The TechNet21 consultation was held in Dakar, Senegal from 5-7 February 2013. Around 200 delegates attended the conference, where presentations were made on a wide range of subjects. We bring you the

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    RIP Yves Chartier

    January 11th 2012

    It is with great sadness that we inform you of the tragic death of our dear friend and colleague, Yves Chartier. Yves died in a snow-shoeing accident in the Jura mountains on Sunday 8 January 2012.

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    New and underutilised vaccines/New cold chain approaches

    April 20th 2011

    [i]Many thanks![/i] A dozen updates this week as the new vaccine pledging meeting approaches. Will the funds pledged next month cover the needs for introduction of rotavirus, pneumococcal and HPV v

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    Monthly MNT Elimination Updates- June 2009

    June 20th 2009

    Launched in 1999 by UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA and partners the MNT Elimination initiative has led to protection of more than 90 million women against tetanus in more than 45 countries through Supplemental Im

  • Country: Yemen Uganda Turkey Timor Leste Sudan Somalia Sierra Leone Senegal Philippines Papua New Guinea Pakistan Nigeria Niger Myanmar Mozambique Mauritania Mali Madagascar Liberia Kenya Iraq Indonesia India Haiti Guinea Ghana Gabon Ethiopia Equatorial Guinea Congo Comoros China Chad Central African Republic Cameroon Cambodia Burundi Burkina Faso Benin Angola Afghanistan Laos
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    July 30th 2007

    POST 01131E : TEMPERATURE MONITORING DEVICES - REQUEST FOR INFORMATION Follow-up on Post 01123E 30 July 2007 ____________________________________ In response to Idrissa Yalcouyé’

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    July 13th 2007

    POST 01121E : WASTE MANAGEMENT Follow-up on Post 01111E 13 July 2007 _____________________________________ Modibo Dicko's message generated three contributions. The first is from [log in t

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    POST 01053E : VVM USE

    February 14th 2007

    POST 01053E : VVM USE Follow-up on Posts 01028E, 01035E, 01042E and 01050E 14 February 2007 ________________________________________ This posting contains three contributions, from : 1.

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