The BID Learning Network invites you to view a webinar entitled “Scaling Up Registries: The OpenMRS Opportunity." The promise of digital technologies has seen multiple systems and millions of dollars invested for health information systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. After overcoming barriers of infrastructure, technology, and connectivity, few of these systems have been able to directly impact patient care. As the momentum of implementing national registries for data management and use increases, there are opportunities to leverage the existing investment in systems to either act as registries or contribute data to registries. One such opportunity is the use of OpenMRS to build registries and electronic medical records with a potential for scalability. This webinar describes OpenMRS and its role as an innovation platform. This webinar should be of interest to professionals keen on improving health information systems in general, and registries or electronic medical records in particular. The speaker for this webinar included Dr. Judy Gichoya from Kenya.