BLN Webinar: Data Quality and Nominal Electronic Immunization Registries | Lessons Learned from Costa Rica


The BID Learning Network (BLN) invites you to watch our recent webinar entitled “Data Quality and Nominal Electronic Immunization Registries: Lessons Learned from Costa Rica.” Electronic immunization registries (EIRs) have been in existence in Latin America since the late 1980s with Uruguay and Mexico being among the first countries to implement EIRs in 1987 and 1991, respectively. Since then, most of Latin America, including Costa Rica, have been working towards implementing national EIRs. In this webinar, the presenter shares Costa Rica’s experience with implementing the national EIR, taking into account the motivation behind its development, strategic considerations for planning, key players involved, as well as the limitations and challenges encountered. Further, the presenter shares progress made towards deploying the EIR nationwide and plans for the future. This presentation should be of interest to Data Management Specialists, EPI Managers, Health Management Information System (HMIS) Specialists and other health care specialists committed to improving data collection, quality and use through electronic data management systems.