Webinar: Integrating Drones into Immunization Supply Chains


Resilient, high-performing immunization supply chains (iSCs) are the basis for strong primary health care systems and the foundation for reaching global immunization coverage and equity targets. Yet efficient and reliable transportation for immunization products still remains a challenge in many low and middle-income countries. New technologies, such as drones, have the potential to revolutionize traditional modes of transportation but how do you know if these technologies are the right fit for your context? In this webinar, UPDWG and TechNet-21 will explore when integrating drones into existing iSCs is feasible and how you can operationalize drones in existing immunization programs. UPDWG Members from UNICEF and VillageReach will share their experiences from Vanuatu and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in integrating drones transportation into the routine immunization supply chain. After the presentations, we will open the floor for a panel discussion with VillageReach DRC and former UNICEF Vanuatu staff.