The BID Learning Network (BLN) recently held a webinar entitled “Economies of Scale, Integration & Interoperability in Digital Health”. This webinar discussed World Vision’s experiences in different countries and contexts, and the successes and challenges encountered (notably in engagements with governments) as they have worked in the field of digital health. They specifically discussed the mHealth solutions used by World Vision, namely Motech and CommCare, including the underlying health system/intervention models. They seek to give the audience an understanding and visualization of how this set of solutions can also embed immunization, including existing immunization data capture for nutrition and community case management applications as well as potential integration with immunization registries. The speakers addressed the topic of interoperability and illustrated how this has been achieved between Motech/CommCare and other widely used eHealth solutions like DHIS2, as well as current work on OpenHIE compliance. This webinar should be of interest to eHealth practitioners as well as immunization program personnel with an interest in increased efficiency in data collection, quality, and use.