Nigeria: Preparedness and response to coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) at primary healthcare and community level - training manual for community volunteers


Community health workers – Community Health Influencers Promoter and Services (CHIPS) Personnel, Voluntary Community Mobilizers (VCMs), Community Oriented Resource Persons (CORPS), etc. and other community structures such as the Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMVs), Ward Development Committees (WDCs) and traditional and religious leaders have critical roles to play in the national COVID-19 response. Being closest to the community, these key resource persons are better placed to promote behaviours and practices that prevent the transmission of the disease at household and community level. As frontline health care providers, they also need to know how to ensure that the work they do and the services they provide do not increase the risk of transmission of the disease. To this end, the National Primary Health Care Development Agency has developed this short training workshop for community health workers, Ward Development Community Members, Patent and Proprietary Medicine vendors (PPMVs) and other key community stakeholders to enhance their capacity to contribute to the national response to the pandemic.