Papua New Guinea (PNG) implemented hepatitis B birth dose (BD) vaccination in 2005 yet since that time coverage has remained low, allowing mother-to-child transmission to occur. The researchers conducted a field assessment of the BD vaccination...

This report presents the first year of a multi-year evaluation into medical supply reform in Papua New Guinea (PNG). This report presents the methods, findings and recommendations and is intended for use by all stakeholders involved in medical...

The health care system in Papua New Guinea is fragile, and surveillance systems infrequently meet international standards. To strengthen outbreak identification, health authorities piloted a mobile phone–based syndromic surveillance system and...

The following report displays data and figures on the introduction status of Hib vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), rotavirus vaccine, and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV)* both globally and in 73 Gavi countries (currently eligible and...

This article briefly describes the development of a new software in Papua New Guinea that better links data collection to its use through providing automated analyses on a number of key indicators.

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Has anyone used the Immunization Session Checklist as a supervisory observational tool?

January 30th 2019

We have recently used the WHO Immunization Session Checklist (Figure 5.11 in the 2015 edition of Immunization in Practice) as part of a set of observational research tools looking at routine immunizat

  • Country: Papua New Guinea Guinea
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    Searching for CSOs in East and Southern Asia

    February 03rd 2017

    In order to strengthen and enlarge the Gavi CSO Constituency, the Gavi CSO Steering Committee would like to identify CSOs working in immunisation within the broader context of Maternal, Neonatal an

  • Organisation: Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
  • Country: Sri Lanka Papua New Guinea Myanmar Indonesia Guinea Cambodia Laos
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    TechNet21 2010 Consultation: Presentations

    December 10th 2010

    The TechNet21 meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur from 30 November 2010 to 2 December 2010. The following presentations were made during the three days. [b]Day 1: Tuesday, 30 November 2010 [/b]

  • Country: Thailand Philippines Paraguay Papua New Guinea Nigeria Niger Guinea
  • Disease: Malaria Influenza Hepatitis B
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    2010 Global Immunization Meeting: Presentations

    February 06th 2010

    The fifth annual Global Immunization Meeting was held in Geneva from 1 to 3 February, 2010. The presentations were wide ranging and covered a variety of topics, including introduction of new vaccines,

  • Country: Sudan Rwanda Philippines Papua New Guinea Malawi India Guinea China Bangladesh
  • Disease: Tetanus Rotavirus Measles Malaria Influenza Hepatitis B Polio
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    Monthly MNT Elimination Updates- June 2009

    June 20th 2009

    Launched in 1999 by UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA and partners the MNT Elimination initiative has led to protection of more than 90 million women against tetanus in more than 45 countries through Supplemental Im

  • Country: Yemen Uganda Turkey Timor Leste Sudan Somalia Sierra Leone Senegal Philippines Papua New Guinea Pakistan Nigeria Niger Myanmar Mozambique Mauritania Mali Madagascar Liberia Kenya Iraq Indonesia India Haiti Guinea Ghana Gabon Ethiopia Equatorial Guinea Congo Comoros China Chad Central African Republic Cameroon Cambodia Burundi Burkina Faso Benin Angola Afghanistan Laos
  • Disease: Tetanus Polio
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    May 16th 2008

    POST 01266E: BROADENING THE USE OF THE VVM 16 MAY 2008 FOLLOW UP ON [url=http://listserv.technet21.org/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0805&L=TECHNET21E&T=0&F=&S=&X=2D79882B6DA132B29D&Y=moderator%40technet21.o

  • Country: Papua New Guinea India Guinea
  • Disease: Polio
  • Temperature indicator
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    September 19th 2006

    POST 00976E : QUALITY VS IMMUNIZATION COVERAGE Follow-up on Post 00972E 19 September 2006 _____________________________________ This posting contains four contributions : 1- Naresh Goel

  • Country: United States Papua New Guinea India Guinea Canada
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    December 26th 2004

    POST 00733E : MULTI-YEAR PLAN Follow-up on Posts 00729E and 0731E 26 December 2004 _____________________________________ Steven Toikilik (mailto:[email protected]) from Papua New Guinea,

  • Country: Papua New Guinea Guinea Canada Cambodia Angola
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