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Welcome to the temperature monitoring technical package Home page!

(Figure1 babygirl) She has the right to be vaccinated with potent vaccines

Vaccination is one of the most reliable and affordable interventions with the potential to reduce child deaths yet in order to be an efficient solution one of the main pre-requisites is to maintain the quality of the vaccines through an effective Cold Chain.

Temperature Monitoring has been identified through many Effective Vaccine Management studies as the element that needs improving.

Solutions exist and are not technically advanced or very costly, however their implementation requires the organisation of a thorough system of user training, clear accountabilities and supportive management and this can be challenging.

The purpose of this website is to support countries in designing and implementing or upgrading Systematic and Effective Temperature Monitoring in their Cold Chain based on 30DTR devices at health facility level or RTM devices for national and regional stores. It aims at providing decision makers and stakeholders with pragmatic step-by-step guidance and material and to facilitate sharing of experience in order to leverage good practices and useful tools. 


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