Reinforcing an NLWG

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For countries who have established a formal or informal NLWG, the following criteria can be used to determine whether a well-functioning NLWG has been achieved:

  • The NLWG was created with a legislative or administrative status.
  • The NLWG operates with formal written terms of reference.
  • The NLWG’s membership selection criteria are described.
  • NLWG’s members are required to systematically declare any interest.
  • Members are selected because of acknowledged expertise in immunization supply chains and logistics.
  • NLWG works within a work plan including a narrative, a timeline, and a budget.
  • NLWG meets at least once or twice a month.
  • Agendas and background documents are circulated at least one week ahead of meetings.
  • Meeting reports and recommendations are circulated to decision makers and key stakeholders.
  • The NLWG is consulted for any key decisions on immunization strategies and policies.

If an existing NLWG needs strengthening, the following process is recommended:

  1. Revise the terms of reference.
  2. Develop a work plan.
  3. Revise the meeting mechanism.
  4. Conduct research for innovation.
  5. Strengthen the NLWG capacity.
  6. Close funding gaps and conduct fundraising.