During 2003–2009, substantial progress was made toward the previous goal of measles elimination in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region (EUR) by 2010 (1,2). However, since late 2009, measles virus transmission has increased, and...

The document Waste Stream Concept Development is Part B of the Healthcare Waste Management Toolkit for GF Policy Makers and Practitioners. The other two documents are: Part A: Rational for Environmental Safeguard Policies and Strategies; Part C:...

This document is the first part of a toolkit for environmental safeguarding of GF grants. The toolkit is intended to help to reduce risks from the generation and disposal of HCW, especially the disposal of unwanted or unused pharmaceuticals,...

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Forum Post

Polio Monthly situation report (April 2011)

May 12th 2011

Dear Colleagues, Please visit www.polioeradication.org for regular updates on the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Note that all data in this report refers to 04 May 2011. The French version wi

  • Country: Zambia Uzbekistan United States Uganda Turkmenistan Tajikistan Sudan Somalia Russian Federation Pakistan Nigeria Niger Mali Kyrgyzstan Kenya Kazakhstan India Gabon Ethiopia Egypt Democratic Republic Of The Congo Congo Chad Benin Angola Afghanistan
  • Disease: Polio
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    Polio Monthly Situation Report (March 2011)

    April 06th 2011

    Dear colleagues, Please visit www.polioeradication.org for regular updates on the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Note that all data in this report refers to 30 March 2011. The French version

  • Country: Zambia Uzbekistan Uganda Turkmenistan Tajikistan Switzerland Sudan Somalia Pakistan Nigeria Niger Nepal Namibia Mali Liberia Kyrgyzstan Kenya Kazakhstan India Gabon Democratic Republic Of The Congo Congo Chad Angola Afghanistan
  • Disease: Measles Polio
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    An Update on VSSM

    November 04th 2010

    Many thanks to Mojtaba Haghgou for sharing this with our readers. The TechNet21 website will soon have a software depot from which you will be able to download VSSM and other latest software.

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  • Disease: Malaria
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    SIGN Meeting 2009: HCWM presentations (I)

    January 24th 2010

    The annual meeting of the Safe Injection Global Network (SIGN) was held from 30 November to 2 December 2009. The following are some of the presentations on Healthcare Waste Management. Many thanks to

  • Country: Uzbekistan Ukraine Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Azerbaijan
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    Vaccination Supplies Stock Management (VSSM)

    June 15th 2009

    Vaccination Supplies Stock Management (VSSM) was first developed in WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) in late 2006 and the later versions were developed by receiving support from WHO

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    Post 00412e : Protection Of More Cold-sensitive Vaccines

    January 18th 2002

    POST 00412E : PROTECTION OF MORE COLD-SENSITIVE VACCINES Follow-up on Posts 00391E (26 November 2001), 00400E (19 December 2001), 00404E (4 January 2002) and 00406E (Freezing and vaccine efficacy

  • Country: Uzbekistan Tajikistan Nigeria Niger India Algeria
  • Disease: Measles
  • Vaccine management
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    August 21st 2001

    Post00369 TECHNET MEETING AGENDA 21 August 2001 CONTENTS 1. TECHNET 2001: THE AGENDA This is the latest preliminary Technet Agenda, courtesy of Umit Kartoglu, WHO/V&B/ATT. ________

  • Country: Yemen Viet Nam Uzbekistan Sudan Pakistan Nigeria Niger Kenya India Fiji China Burkina Faso Australia
  • Disease: Polio
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    September 01st 2007

    POST 01151E : TECHNET21 BUSINESS 1st September 2007 ___________________________________ A new page has been added to the TechNet21 website. It is a list of postings by type (discussion, technica

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