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Passive storage devices--new technology requires new SOPs
Does anyone have experience with vaccine passive storage devices in the field? We are piloting the PQS pre-qualified Arktek device in three rural health centers. By design, the device maintains a temperature range between 0°C and 10°C which will not freeze the vaccines so should not pose any risk to the potency of the vaccines. We are seeing some unease from health workers and EPI managers, though, who are concerned that vaccines would be out of the 2°C – 8°C range and at risk of freezing, even ...
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Posted on Friday, October 14 2016, 12:10 AM
Progress of NITAGs in Central Africa
By Ministerial decree dated of 17th October 2016, DRC establishes its NITAG and becomes the 2nd country in Central Africa after Cameroon with a Technical Advisory Group on Immunization. The DRC NITAG mission is to provide on request or on its own initiative, opinions, recommendations or independent reports on vaccination or vaccines in order to support policy in this area. Efforts towards the establishment of the NITAG began in 2015 with a strong commitment and political will of the Minister of ...
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Posted on Thursday, October 20 2016, 09:50 AM
Moderated Discussion on IAPHL: Using M&E to Drive Supply Chain Improvement
Dear TechNet-21 Members, we invite you to follow a moderated discussion just getting started on the International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) listserve. You can join the IAHPL, follow the conversation, or sign up for emails here: https://knowledge-gateway.org/iaphl/ We hope you join the conversation! Kevin Pilz on behalf of the IAPHL Team ---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Kevin PilzDate: 2016-10-21 4:38 GMT+02:00Subject: [iaphl] Our Next Moderated Discussion: ...
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Posted on Friday, October 21 2016, 08:36 AM
Case Study: Change Management and Motivation for Immunization Training
A case study has been published to share information about some of the change management and motivational strategies deployed by UNICEF and WHO to support high levels of participation in the Immunization eLearning Initiative. The case study can be helpful for learning leaders looking for ways to increase self-paced training participation. The case study document also includes a checklist to help ensure that learning leaders are considering all the key elements of motivation to support successful...
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Posted on Thursday, October 20 2016, 09:03 PM
Seeking independent expert trainer on vaccine supply chain/ cold chain management/ monitoring and storage management
Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) is looking for anindependentexpert trainer, with expertise invaccine - supply chain management - cold chain management - monitoring and storage management To perform a 2-3 day training in Asia in Q2 2017. Please contact c.ting@dcvmn.net for expression of interest....
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Posted on Thursday, October 13 2016, 01:51 PM




Logtag VaxTag
"I have been using this type a half a year. For sure, this one of most simple and informative."
Berlinger Fridge-tag
"This is an excellent post. Thank you Patrick. Can we have more reports, please on equipment that you think works well and on equipment that does not work well? It would be useful to see more reports on the quality of cold boxes, vaccine carriers, syringes, freezers,..."
Berlinger Fridge-tag
"In conducting a cold room temperature mapping in DR Congo using a different type of temperature loggers, I was one logger short for capturing ambient temperatures. Luckily, the store keeper pulled out a box from behind his desk full of Fridge Tags. I thought my problem was solved until it..."
Dulas Solar VC 65-2
"The Dulas VC-65 device was included in the equipment sampling evaluated by PATH in our recent analysis of refrigerator failures that occurred within 8 years of procurement in Uganda. In total, 11 Dulas VC-65 devices assessed. The causes of device failure included refrigerant leak (5), control unit failure (2), thermostat..."
"We've been using 18 of these over the last 8 months for cold room temperature mapping and cold chain mapping studies. One failed in October, but had clearly been in a very damp environment, and the water-tight USB cap had not been able to keep the wetness out indefinitely...."

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