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Dear members and viewers of technet viewers We wish to share the following and hope to achieve something by clearing the backlog of infants accumulated for receving 1st and 2nd doses of fractional doses of 0.1mL IPV intradermally, sice April 2016. For curative service providers CPM stands for Chlor pheniramine maleate – an antihistamine but for public health personnel CPM is Critical Path Method: “the longest path of the network, if any activity along the critical path is delayed, the entire p...
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Posted on Friday, December 02 2016, 08:24 AM
  • #Coverage monitoring
  • #IPV
Do you know the difference between inequalities and inequities?
Inequalities in health can be measured (among individuals from different backgrounds, social groups, countries, etc). However, for those health inequalities to be inequities, they have to be unjust and preventable. Thus, inequities are inequalities that are unfair. Health inequalities are frequently examined between countries or states, and within geographies, by socially relevant groupings such as race/ethnicity, gender, education, caste, income, occupation, among others. Inequalities are expl...
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Posted on Thursday, December 01 2016, 05:01 AM
  • #WHO
Looking for more information on SDD vaccine refrigerator performance in the field
Dear TechNet members, I'm putting together a document on the performance of solar direct-drive (SDD) vaccine refrigerators and would like to request your assistance. If you have experience of SDD projects in the field I would be very grateful if you could share your thoughts on how well they have performed (particularly in relation to other types of vaccine refrigerator), problems that were encountered, solutions identified, and any other observations you might have. More than 20 SDDs are now W...
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Posted on Wednesday, August 31 2016, 11:06 AM
  • #Refrigerator / freezer
  • #SDD
New book on Urban/Rural vaccination coverage in SS Africa released!
Dear colleagues, I hereby announce the publication of my book entitled "Urban/rural vaccination coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa: The caregivers' perspective".The work is a contribution to the improvement of vaccination coverage in all settings and should be especially useful to community workers, managers from immunization programs, national governments, international organizations and donors, or anyone else interested in child survival. The book can be purchased through the following link htt...
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Posted on Thursday, November 17 2016, 12:33 PM
  • #Coverage monitoring
UNICEF Job Posting: Immunization Supply Chain Specialist (System Design)
UNICEF Supply Division, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is seeking a supply chain leader in System Design (aka redesign, optimization) to lead multi-partner efforts to define, coordinate, implement, measure, and share supply chain improvements by helping countries initiate and maintain a system design approach to a next-generation supply chain and continuous improvement. If you are a motivated, goal-oriented individual who has the ability to communicate clearly, think strategically, and transla...
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Posted on Wednesday, November 23 2016, 10:10 AM
  • #Job
  • #supply chain




Blowkings BK-VC 3.4-CF
"This is my feedback on blow kings vaccine carrier that we used in Central Visayas, Region VII, Philippines health centers namely: Cebu province, Bohol province, Siquijor province, and Negros Oriental province. Please see photos attached on the right. Hoping that this deficiency can be corrected by the manufacturer. ..."
Logtag VaxTag
"I have been using this type a half a year. For sure, this one of most simple and informative."
Berlinger Fridge-tag
"This is an excellent post. Thank you Patrick. Can we have more reports, please on equipment that you think works well and on equipment that does not work well? It would be useful to see more reports on the quality of cold boxes, vaccine carriers, syringes, freezers,..."
Berlinger Fridge-tag
"In conducting a cold room temperature mapping in DR Congo using a different type of temperature loggers, I was one logger short for capturing ambient temperatures. Luckily, the store keeper pulled out a box from behind his desk full of Fridge Tags. I thought my problem was solved until it..."
Dulas Solar VC 65-2
"The Dulas VC-65 device was included in the equipment sampling evaluated by PATH in our recent analysis of refrigerator failures that occurred within 8 years of procurement in Uganda. In total, 11 Dulas VC-65 devices assessed. The causes of device failure included refrigerant leak (5), control unit failure (2), thermostat..."

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