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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service de livraison
  3. dimanche 27 juillet 2014
In the middle of this month (July 14), Kodagu district of Karnataka in its routine RI training of HCWs, introduced the "Extended Immunogram" to promote newborn vaccination. As was rightly expressed in the 67th WHA held in May 2014, promoting Hepatitis B birth-dose vaccine is a global challenge. Data analysis from Somawarpete Block revealed some very interesting observations when compared to similar data from the coastal district analysed 4 months back and shared with stakeholders and the TechNet community. 1.7% home delivery occurred and the dedicated ANMs administered Hepatitis B birth-dose vaccine at home to the newborns within 24 hrs – an example of the commitment, though the pros and cons are to be addressed. The observations call for an urgent intervention with the participation of the private sector. The attached document illustrates with data for action. WHO's suggestion to consider Hepatitis B birth-dose coverage as a performance indicator will help in raising the coverage and saving lives. Sharing with the TechNet community for valuable inputs.
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