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  3. mardi 19 octobre 2010
The current issue of the alumni magazine from the Stanford Graduate School of Business ( has a feature on supply chain management. There are many links to explore: A Global Supply Chain Forum ( An article on the supply chain 'Bullwhip Effect' that was described by Dr. Hau Lee in the 1990s ( A podcast by Dr. Hau Lee with questions and answers A case study on health vehicle fleet leasing in Gambia: A podcast by Andrea and Barry Coleman from Riders for Health: ( An article 'Can Oil Filters Improve Health Care?' about Riders for Health in Gambia: And several other interesting and useful topics on health services logistics. I hope this will be useful for you supply chain managers and managers of vehicle fleets. James Cheyne
James Cheyne Réponse acceptée
I agree! I played the Beer Game a few years ago and even with people with a good amount of experience our beer chain failed to run properly. Back in the 1980s WHO EPI designed a Cold Chain Games that was played in many developing countries and used to design the supply chain based on the lessons learned during the game. Can someone in WHO Geneva tell us if this game is still available?
Anup Akkihal Réponse acceptée
Nice post! The bullwhip effect is a fascinating phenomenon. A powerful way of understanding it first-hand is to play the Beer Distribution Game. You can play it online (, or better yet in person with your colleagues. Even seasoned logisticians suffer the bullwhip effects, and have fun learning about the causes and strategies to minimize it.

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