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  1. Adebayo Adekola
  2. la chaîne d'approvisionnement et de la logistique
  3. mardi 31 mai 2022

Dear colleagues,

UNICEF, in collaboration with global partners, have recognized the need to validate the learning needs for supply chain workforce using People that Deliver (PtD) competency framework. This effort will allow stakeholders develop a roadmap to address human resource capacity needs through learning interventions and institutional partnerships in line with relevant strategies and priority areas. In order to determine the needs of the health supply workforce and how stakeholders can systematically meet these learning needs, Celsian Consulting has been contracted by UNICEF to define the needs by surveying members of the global supply chain community as part of the learning needs analysis.

This survey consists of five areas: demographics, experience, training needs, supply chain competencies and a space for any additional comments. As a reference, job descriptions, as defined by People that Deliver can be found at Collection of Roles & Job Description in Health Supply Chains (this link is also available within the survey itself).

Complete the survey through this link:

We thank you greatly for your contribution to this activity. Your responses are due by 10th June 2022 and will be used to identify areas for further workforce development and training in immunization and health supply chains.

Thank you kindly for your participation!



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