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  1. Tracy Rehberg
  2. Annonces
  3. lundi 27 juin 2016

WHO and UNICEF announce the availability of Immunization eLearning Initiative courses to all consultants, partners, and staff supporting immunization.

The course series provides training in areas considered vital to EPI advancement. It will help immunization professionals to align their knowledge and get up-to-date on the latest immunization systems and protocols. The courses are highly engaging and flexible. They can be taken in any order and learners can start and stop without losing progress.

Access them by registering as a guest at (Enter “immunization” in the search window to locate the courses.)

Courses include: Immunization Supply Chain Management, Communications for Immunization, Immunization Coverage Data, and Multi-Dose Vial Policy. Courses coming soon include: Vaccine Vial Monitors, Microplanning, and Temperature Monitoring. There is also an Immunization Staff Orientation course to provide foundational knowledge.

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