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  1. Noam Arzt
  2. systèmes d'information sur la vaccination
  3. vendredi 3 mars 2017

HLN has released a new version of its ICE Open Source Immunization Evaluation and Forecasting software (v on February 24, 2017.

As always, the most recent version of open source Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE) can be downloaded from the Downloads page on the ICE wiki.

This new release of ICE (v has the following new additions & changes:

  • Update to logic that determines when a 5th dose is recommended: (1) removed restriction that patient is born >= 1/1/2006; (2) recommend 5th dose if 4 doses administered before 8/7/2010 (prior logic used 1/1/2010 as this date). Please refer to the ICE Polio rules documentation for additional details.

The next two future releases of ICE are expected to include the following updates:

  • Future ICE release v 1.8.1 will include: Updates to combine the PCV vaccine group and the PPSV vaccine group into a single "Pneumococcal" vaccine group.
  • Future ICE release v 1.9.1 will include: Support for Meningococcal B.

ICE is a fully Open Source, web-services-based product compliant with US-based ACIP clinical rules. It is fully flexible and could be augmented with other rulesets (like WHO) with appropriate interest, collaboration, and funding. For more information or to join the emerging ICE Open Source Community see the ICE project page or send email to

Noam Arzt Réponse acceptée

Attached is an article I wrote about this topic recently as it relates to the situation here in the US. Folks might find it interesting.The article is Open Access and can be freely circulated.

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M. Carolina Danovaro Réponse acceptée

This is indeed very interesting. Immunization Clinical Decision Support (or forecasting, i.e., which vaccines are due) is an area that will take more and more importance as vaccination schedules become increasignly complex. I wonder if developing countries are working on similar tools.

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