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  3. dimanche 29 janvier 2012
Dear polio eradication supporter, While we wait for the final case count for 2011, we can look back over the year as one of mixed success and setbacks. One success will go into the history books: India has gone 12 months without reporting a case of polio. However, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria saw increases in cases compared to 2010. Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo made serious inroads against their re-established transmission, yet Chad continues to account for a high number of cases. Type 3 case numbers are down to lowest-ever levels, yet we suffered new outbreaks in five countries. Cases from outbreaks in previously polio-free areas declined significantly, but some outbreaks persisted such as that along the Uganda/Kenyan border. It is time to complete eradication. This year, new focus and resolve will be directed towards the effort, involving the highest levels of leadership of polio-affected countries and the spearheading partners of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (See “A global emergency” below). Watch this space for news from the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (meeting from 16-23 January) and the Independent Monitoring Board (set to meet from 30 January) Both bodies will review the GPEI’s plans for 2012. The newsletter is attached. PN201201-EN.pdf

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