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POST 01286E: WASTE MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES/SOLAR TECHNOLOGY FOLLOW-UP ON POSTS 01273E, 01283E, 01284E, 01285E 2 JULY 2008 ******************************************* NEW PRESENTATION OF PNEUMOCOCCAL VACCINE I agree fully with Anthony, I would warn however that at least one of the new vaccines (pneumococcal) targeted to hit the market by 2009 is currently presented in a pre-filled glass non-AD type syringe. This will add a whole new dimension of complexity to waste management. I understand efforts are underway by GAVI/UNICEF to address this issue. Terry Hart ([][/email]) ------ REQUIRE RECYCLING SYSTEMS Dear Anthony This is an excellent idea, but let's not forget that immunizations represent only a fraction of injections. If manufacturers are called to task to develop recycling SYSTEMS, it should address all injections. I am highlighting the word "systems" because it would not be enough to have a cool device that melts the plastic. It would be important to propose something that can be profitable to manufacturers- otherwise, someone will have to pay for the system. At the moment, it seems very challenging to make a profitable system. Thanks Jules ([email=jmillogo@VANISHPOINT.COM]jmillogo@VANISHPOINT.COM[/email]) ------ SOLAR REFIGERATION: SUSTAINABLE AND GREEN Dear forum, We welcome the solar technology Refrigerators and would like to share experiences of constraints in maintaining cold chain in our settings. While working as Surveillance Officer for NPSP in Bihar (a underdeveloped state in India), I realised that electricity was erratic and the only place where generators could run and be monitored was the district cold store. There were no systems to ensure power supply for cold chain at lower levels. Often the generators would be turned off when our vehicle left the hospital campus to save on fuel costs. Apart from diesel based generators being having higher running cost for cold chain, there was noise and air pollution all over the place. Solar powered refrigerators are an appropriate technology especially for regions with poor electricity supply. Solar Technology comes as the only green and sustainable option and needs to be promoted. Dr Rajesh K Sood ([email=drrksood@GMAIL.COM]drrksood@GMAIL.COM[/email]) Centre For Health Promotion, India. ----------- Sustainable Packaging Coalition [/ol] Sustainable packaging: Is beneficial, safe & healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle; Meets market criteria for performance and cost; Is sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy; Maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials; Is manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices; Is made from materials healthy in all probable end of life scenarios; Is physically designed to optimize materials and energy; Is effectively recovered and utilized in biological and/or industrial cradle to cradle cycles. 2. Weekly Epidemiological Record (30 May 2008) ...The introduction of new vaccines poses challenges to the existing logistics and cold-chain requirements, because of their current presentations. In particular, the high volume of the pre-ï¬

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