Vendredi 19 Juin 2020
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Hybrid Solar Power Pack for Walk In Cooler
A Green Initiative........

NCCRC,being largely instrumental in the area of integrating the newer technologies in the cold chain & continually putting its efforts towards making the immunization cold chain more & more reliable. As striving for excellence,it has another feather in its cap...
The centre has introduced the concept of "Hybrid Solar Power Pack with Smart PCU" to run the Walk-In-Cooler (Cold Room)..The objectives well set for addressing the Energy Measure Aspects & Promoting the Use of Green Energy. The plant has been installed & commissioned,successfully @ State Vaccine Store Pune,MH state-India & does have unparalleled benefits in terms of following..
Long term solution,
Reliable & efficient operation,
Minimal maintenance,
No Batteries required,
For Load sharing,the priority & optimal selection of source (Solar or grid) is with Smart Control algorithm,
Minimize the use of Generator Set (as during the day period solar power is available),
Safety measures (Protection against surges and spikes),
Integration with existing standard set up,is possible with ease,

Grateful to each & everybody who supported,contributed directly & indirectly in execution of this project.

Have some glimpses over here, for the ready reference...

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