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Since 1998, WHO and UNICEF annually collect data on national immunization systems through the WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form on Immunization (JRF). The JRF collects national level data on reported cases of selected vaccine-preventable diseases, immunization coverage, recommended immunization schedules, supplementary immunization activities, vaccine supply, and other information on the structure, policies and performance of national immunization systems.

In addition to contributing to numerous publications, this data is the main source of information for WHO Member States and Partners for annual review at the World Health Assembly (WHA), on the progress made towards achieving the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) goals. The WHO vaccine-preventable diseases monitoring system is updated with 2019 data and can be accessed through country profiles (, or by subject ( By visiting our website, you will be able to view and download graphs of indicators overtime, as well as other analyses such as slides on the status of introduction ( of new and under-utilized vaccines, and summary presentations ( of routine immunization key indicators.

You will also find subnational immunization coverage data reported by its Member States since 2017 ( Member States were asked to report their numerator (number of doses administered), denominator (number of eligible individuals) and coverage data (% of eligible individuals receiving the relevant dose of vaccine) for the first and third dose of DTP-containing vaccines (DTP1, DTP3) and measles-containing vaccines (MCV1) from their second administrative level (“admin2”, often called districts). In 2020, 140 Member States shared their subnational data, either from their first subnational administrative level (“admin1”) or admin2 level for DTP1, DTP3 and/or MCV1. Data has been shared for nearly 21,000 admin1 and/or admin2, and represents approximately three quarters of the total number of surviving infants worldwide. Among them, 95 Member States report coverage for DTP3 at admin2 level, and 45 Member States report coverage for DTP3 at admin1 level only.

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Thank you very much for sharing, Laure!


Regarding the "admin2" district level data, I went to the website but could only view a visualization of the data for my country of interest. Is it possible to have download access to this data, so that we could have a closer look at which districts are performing well or poorly?

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