Mercredi 17 Septembre 2014
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Cross-posted from the SIGN newsletter with thanks! The Yves Chartier Award 2014 rewards an NGO, or an actor from civil society, from an African country, who will have elaborated a campaign or achieved an innovative project in the struggle against antimicrobial resistance and climate change, relative to one of three specific domains of intervention : Water – Sanitation & Toilets – Injection Safety. The French engineer Yves Chartier who died in a mountain accident January 8, 2012, was an international functionary in the World Health Organization (WHO) who had brought major contributions in these three domains of intervention. This initiative comes from civil society, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Health, contributing the sum of five thousand euros, to honor the memory of a man who devoted his life to «la santé publique à la française » (The French concept of public health). This follows the 2012 event to honor his memory at the World Health Assembly with an International Journal for People's Health, which includes the list of all the Yves Chartier contributions while at WHO: The official call for candidacies was announced by Garance F. Upham, President of Safe Observer International (SOI), at the WHO first world conference on "Health and Climate Change" on Wednesday August 27th during the plenary in the WHO headquarters. The call for candidacies will be ongoing for two months. The winner to be selected early November, the Award to be given end of November. The best five projects/campaigns to be reported on in a brochure and presented at a press event. Email nominations to Safe Observer CANDIDACY FORM: Name of the project or campaign: Summary: (300 words maximum) Description: (1500 words maximum) Name of the Association, NGO, Network or Institute: Country Project officer Name, First name Address Telephone E-mail Web Site Documentation about the project / the campaign Add, in electronic format, any document that supports the application: official documents, meeting reports, testimonies, press articles, references on the Web.
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