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Ce forum est un lieu d'échange où les membres peuvent poser des questions, partager leurs expériences, coordonner des activités, et discuter les récentes avancées en matière de vaccination.
  1. Dan Brigden
  2. Les initiatives mondiales
  3. mercredi 15 avril 2020

Dear TechNet members, a few months ago I had planned to announce the dates of the next TechNet Conference for October 2020. Subsequently the COVID-19 pandemic struck and this has unfortunately affected our plans. It is therefore necessary to postpone the conference.

We are now planning to reschedule the conference for February 2021. The host region will be the Americas (PAHO). The host country and exact dates will be confirmed over the summer. The format of the conference will remain largely the same as previous conferences - plenary and breakout sessions, Manufacturers' Marketplace, Poster Gallery, etc., spread over 4 or 5 days.

Please keep an eye on the TechNet forum and our official Twitter account for further updates - we will try to let you know as soon as possible.

Best regards,



About the TechNet Conference

The TechNet Conference is held every two years and enables immunization professionals to meet and discuss the latest developments in immunization practices and policy. The previous TechNet Conference took place on October 16-20, 2017 at the Hotel Cascais Miragem in Cascais, Portugal. The theme was: "Building the next generation of immunization supply chains". For more information, including Youtube recordings of all plenary sessions and links to all presentation materials:

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