The 15th TechNet Conference took place on October 16-20, 2017 in Cascais, Portugal. The theme of the conference was: "Building the next generation of immunization supply chains". This page provides a list of important conference resources: photos, video recordings of plenary presentations, presentation slides, and posters displayed in the Project Gallery. You can also browse and download conference resources on Dropbox. For the conference agenda and full list of participants, please refer to the TechNet Conference Guide.

The resources are listed by days:


15 TechNet Conference 5012b


Day One: Conference opening (October 16, 2017)


Welcome remarks, Patrick Lydon (WHO)

Welcome remarks, Oleg Benes (WHO EURO)

Next-generation immunization supply chains are needed to achieve immunization and health systems goals; moderators: Ousmane Dia (UNICEF), Chris Wright (JSI), Alan Brooks (Gavi)

Building a movement for advancing towards the next generation of immunization supply chains; moderator: Laura Herman (FSG)

Making the most out of the conference - the agenda for dummies, Patrick Lydon (WHO) 


TC2017 - Opening ceremony

Welcome reception photos

TC2017 - Reception


Day Two: Challenges, successes and lessons learnt (October 17, 2017)

Videos - Morning

Opening remarks, Patrick Lydon (WHO)

India’s experience in putting the building blocks together to attain high vaccine availability, Pradeep Haldar (Ministry of Health, India)

New technologies and management interventions that are enabling potent vaccine availability in Nigeria
Bervery Chawaguta (UNICEF Nigeria)
Kikelomo Lambo (CHAI Nigeria)

Directing expertise toward redesigning Pakistan’s immunization supply chain, Arshad Chandio (Ministry of Health, Pakistan)

Creating an enabling environment: from local to global, Alan Brooks (Gavi)

Videos - Afternoon

Exploring the opportunity for collaboration in a country context, Laura Herman, Flynn Lebus (FSG)


TC2017 - Day Two


Day Three: Innovative solutions and approaches to address challenges (October 18, 2017)

Videos - Morning

Opening remarks

CTC myth-busters Moderator: Anna-Lea Kahn (WHO). Sople Ruth Coulibaly (Ministry of Health, Côte d’Ivoire), Joe Woodring (WHO WPRO)

Introducing new technology standards to solve immunization potency challenges Isaac Gobina (WHO)

Interested in Drones? Consider this Judith Sherman (UNICEF Malawi)

The journey of continuous immunization supply chain improvement Kaleb Brownlow (Gates Foundation), Patrick Lydon (WHO)

Videos - Afternoon

Pitch Fest on innovations in data use and visibility; moderator: Maeve Magner (SCM Advisory Services)


TC2017 - Day Three


Day Four: Getting practical on how to implement solutions (October 19, 2017)

Videos - Morning

Technical solutions alone will not solve vaccine availability: the need to create a data driven culture Unaiza Hadi (WHO Pakistan), Jonathan Mollel (Ministry of Health, Tanzania), Alice Muga (Ministry of Health, Kenya)

Uganda’s successes in improving cold chain maintenance and management Brian Atuhaire (PATH Uganda)

Convincing my boss to say “Yes”: How to advocate, engage, and get stakeholder buy-in Eomba Motomoke (VillageReach, Democratic Republic of the Congo), Guylain Kaya (Ministry of Health, Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Reframing the narrative: sustainable energy for immunization supply chain and health Kyaw Kan Kaung (Ministry of Health, Myanmar) 

Videos - Afternoon

Gaming App – How to improve your supply chain management skills, Yasmin Chandani (JSI)


TC2017 - Day Four


Day Five: Building a future coalition for collaborative action (October 20, 2017)

Videos - Morning

From ideas to action: the way forward, together, Dmitri Davydov (UNICEF)

Videos - Afternoon

A Call to Action for the next generation of immunization supply chains; moderators: Ousmane Dia (UNICEF), Emma Stewart (PATH)


TC2017 - Day Five


Project Gallery posters

AOV International

  • Freeze-safe vaccine carrier

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Pharmaceuticals Fund and Supply Agency;John Snow, Inc.

Bull City Learning

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

Federal Ministry of Ethiopia

Field Intelligence


Hunter Global Tracking

John Snow, Inc.


Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit; University of Oxford

Sharif Tarasheh Research Center

  • 3D temperature mapping for cold chain management on the cloud

Sure Chill


United Nations Development Programme


World Health Organization


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