The 14th TechNet Conference took place in Bangkok, Thailand from May 11 to 15, 2015. The theme of the conference was: “Immunization Supply Chain and Logistics: Current Challenges, Innovations, Future Prospects”. This page provides a list of conference resources: video recordings of plenary presentations, presentation slides, and posters displayed in the Project Gallery. You can also download a zip file of all conference resources.

Click here for the 14th TechNet Conference Report. This report provides an overview of everything that took place at the conference, and includes links to the presentations, video recordings, summaries of the presentations and discussion highlights. For more information on the agenda of the TechNet Conference, as well as the full list of participants, please refer to the official 14th TechNet Conference Guide.

The resources on this page are divided into the following categories:


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Photos from the TechNet Conference

Cocktail reception

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Plenary sessions

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Manufacturers Marketplace

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Closing ceremony

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Formal opening and keynote presentations (May 11, 2015)


Plenary Richard Brown (WHO) and
Basil Rodriques (UNICEF)
Formal opening of the TechNet Conference   YouTube
Plenary Piyanit Tharmaphornpilas
(Ministry of Public Health of Thailand)
Opening remarks   YouTube
Plenary John Lloyd
The cold chain over last four decades PDF YouTube
Plenary James Cheyne
A tribute to Andrew Garnett PDF YouTube
Plenary Robert Steinglass
A "Call to Action" was born - Perspectives from an IPAC Member PDF YouTube
Plenary Benjamin Schreiber
Key immunization supply chain challenges in developing countries - a photo safari  PDF YouTube
Plenary Paul Colrain
Key immunization supply chain challenges in developing countries - evidence from EVM assessments in 70 countries PDF YouTube
Plenary Raja Rao
(Gates Foundation)
A global perspective on immunization supply chain prospects and opportunities for the future PDF YouTube


Designing the supply chain (May 12, 2015)


Plenary Diana Chang-Blanc
Ensuring the basics are fixed: Vaccine management best practice PDF YouTube
Plenary Ryan McWhorter
Network design and optimization N/A YouTube
Plenary  Ruth Bechtel
(Village Reach)
Mozambique - Network optimization modelling to prepare for new vaccine introduction PDF YouTube
Plenary  Henok Benti
Ethiopia - Network optimization for transport to deter mine resource requirements and shorten distribution pipeline PDF YouTube
Plenary  Philippe Jaillard
Benin - Modelling and moving warehouse PDF YouTube
Plenary  Jeff Sanderson
Moderated Q&A: Designing the system   YouTube
Plenary  Netnapis Suchonwanich
(Ministry of Health)
Thailand - Experience from streamlining the network design for vaccines by outsourcing to the private sector PDF YouTube
Plenary  Kyaw Kan Kaung
(Ministry of Health)
Myanmar - Immunization supply chain challenges in a resource-constrained country and during a mass MR campaign PDF YouTube
Plenary  William Musubire
(Ministry of Health)
Uganda - Lessons learned from supply chain integration and improving vaccine management using the EVM approach PDF YouTube
Plenary Douglas Mukwaya
(UNICEF Somalia)
Somalia - Immunization supply chain challenges in a fragile state and lessons learned PDF YouTube
Plenary  Jeff Sanderson
Moderated Q&A: Designing the system   YouTube
Roundtable Xiaojun Wang 
Driving coverage and equity improvements  PDF  
Panel Modibo Dicko
Supply Chain Integration - the good, the bad and the ugly PDF
(1 ,23)
Panel Walter Proper
Outsourcing logistics - views from both sides PDF
Breakout Ryan McWhorter
Network modelling - what tools and approaches exist? PDF
Breakout Raja Rao
(Gates Foundation)
Setting up network redesign for success - the US CDC example PDF  
Breakout Emily Bancroft
Informed-push distribution - is this the magic bullet to vaccine transportation? PDF  
Breakout Dmitri Davydov
Effective Vaccine Management - let’s get comprehensive! PDF  


Equipping the supply chain (May 13, 2015)


Plenary Denis Maire
WHO PQS and prequalification of cold chain equipment, technologies and devices for immunization PDF



Plenary Dereje Haile
Lastest from UNICEF SD on cold chain equipment, technologies and support package PDF YouTube
Plenary Benjamin Schreiber
Temperature monitoring evidence, strategies, technologies and practices - Where do we go from here?  PDF YouTube
Plenary Khadidiatou Gomis
(Ministry of Health)
Senegal - Using long holdover passive storage devices at the last mile PDF YouTube
Plenary Nguyen Van Cuong
(Ministry of Health)
Vietnam - Using solar direct drive CCE: the needs, success and challenges PDF YouTube
Plenary Dadja Essoya Landoh
(Ministry of Health)
Togo - Implementing a controlled temperature chain (CTC) approach during a Meningitis A vaccine campaign PDF YouTube
Plenary Pat Lennon
Moderated Q&A: Equipping the system   YouTube
Plenary Kongxay Phounphen ghack
(Ministry of Health)
Lao PDR - Implementing a temperature monitoring strategy with 30 day temperature recorders (30 DTR) - opportunities and challenges PDF YouTube
Plenary Ruth Bechtel
Mozambique - Innovations in cold chain temperature monitoring PDF YouTube
Plenary Tarkan Yamanoglu
(Ministry of Health)
Turkey - Innovative approach for end-to-end temperature monitoring of the vaccine cold chain PDF YouTube
Plenary Benjamin Schreiber
Moderated Q&A: Equipping the system   YouTube 
Roundtable Robert Steinglass
What is the optimal number of doses per vaccine vial size? PDF  
Panel Lauren Franzel (Gavi) Cold chain equipment optimization platform – how can we refresh and extend country cold chain systems to reach our coverage and equity goals? N/A N/A
Panel Anna-Lea Kahn
The innovation of the Controlled Temperature Chain - where do we go from here? PDF
(1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6)
Breakout Steve McCarney
Solar cold chain equipment versus solar systems: where should we be going? PDF  
Breakout Richard Anderson
(University of Washington)
Data standards for temperature monitoring and cold chain equipment inventories: developing frameworks for interoperability PDF  
Breakout Modibo Dicko
Cold chain equipment management and maintenance systems in countries - how to solve this conundrum? N/A  
Breakout Adama Sawadogo
How can we design effective temperature monitoring systems in developing countries? PDF
(1, 2,
3, 4)


Managing the supply chain (May 14, 2015)


Plenary Musonda Kasonde
(UNICEF) and
Andrew Brown
(People that Deliver)
Global activities influencing HR for supply chain management PDF
Plenary Dorothy Leab
Vietnam - Innovative approaches to managing and strengthening HR for supply chain management PDF YouTube
Plenary Kyaw Kan Kaung
(Ministry of Health)
Myanmar - Developing leaders and HR capacity for effective supply chain management: challenges and opportunities PDF  YouTube
Plenary Ataur Rahman
Laos PDR - Developing leaders and HR capacity for effective supply chain management - challenges and opportunities PDF  YouTube
Plenary Srihari Dutta
(UNICEF India)
India - Building institutions for HSS: Experience of a National Cold Chain and Vaccine Management Resource Center PDF  YouTube
Plenary Andrew Brown
(People that Deliver)
Moderated discussion: How do we achieve country based change to improve immunization and health supply chains?   YouTube
Plenary Gemma Orta-Martinez
Global report from the data for management working group on challenges/priorities PDF YouTube
Plenary Nabeel Maqbool
Pakistan - Networked information systems for vaccine logistics: the vLMIS PDF YouTube
Plenary Bhrigu Kapuria
(Ministry of Health)
India - Engaging end users to increase mobile LMIS adoption PDF YouTube
Plenary Chathura Edirisuriya (Ministy of Health) Sri Lanka - Web Based Immunization Information System (WEBIIS) PDF YouTube
Plenary Jan Grevendonk
Moderated Q&A: Managing the system with data N/A YouTube
Roundtable Paul Colrain
Immunization session sizes are Binomial! Implications for forecasting, vaccine wastage and stock management PDF  
Panel Maeve Magner
(Gates Foundation)
Country blueprints for supply chain Visibility and Analytics Networks PDF
Panel Brian Taliesin
Using mobile technologies to strengthen vaccine LMIS in Uttar Pradesh PDF  
Breakout Chris Wright
How do we strengthen supply chain leadership in countries? PDF  
Breakout Jan Grevendonk
How should we use immunization supply chain data for continuous improvement? N/A  
Breakout Andrew Brown
(People that Deliver)
The role of national logistics and supply chain working groups N/A  
Breakout Souleymane Kone
Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) as a tool for human resource capacity building PDF  


Enabling the supply chain (May 15, 2015)


Plenary Debra Kristensen
Update from the Vaccine Products and Packaging Advisory Group (VPPAG) PDF YouTube
Plenary  Alan Brooks
Update on the Gavi Immunization Supply Chain Strategy PDF  YouTube
Plenary  Benjamin Schreiber
Update on the joint WHO & UNICEF Immunization Supply Chain Hub PDF YouTube
Plenary  Heidi Lasher
Global update on the PATH Immunization Supply Chain Advocacy Project PDF YouTube
Plenary  Lisa Hedman
Global update on the Inter-Agency Supply Chain Group (ISG) PDF YouTube
Plenary  Andrew Brown
(People that Deliver)
Moderated Q&A: Enabling the system N/A YouTube
Panel Patrick Lydon
What are global enablers for supply chain strengthening and how to achieve country-driven change? N/A YouTube
Roundtable Heidi Lasher
Generating political will for supply chain improvements—from cEVM to cMYP PDF  
Plenary Patrick Lydon 
TechNet Conference closing remarks PDF YouTube
Plenary Alan Brooks (GAVI) Tribute to the Supply Chain Architects PDF YouTube


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Project Gallery posters

Vaccine products JSI What is the optimal number of doses per vaccine vial? PDF
Vaccine products MSF A cluster randomized non-inferiority field trial on the immunogenicity and safety of tetanus toxoid vaccine kept in CTC compared to cold chain PDF
Vaccine products WHO What is a controlled temperature chain? PDF
Vaccine management JSI Mixed presentation study on Pentavalent 1- and 10-dose vials in Kenya PDF
Vaccine management CHAI Cold chain planning: Beyond cold chain inventories PDF
Network design AMP The role of a mobile laboratory in the vaccine response to meningitis epidemic PDF
Distribution systems USAID | DELIVER Nigeria: Bauchi & Ebonyi DDIC pilot PDF
Distribution systems USAID | DELIVER VMI-based distribution system helps Zimbabwe achieve public health goals PDF
Cold chain equipment WHO Freeze protection for vaccine cold chain equipment PDF
Cold chain equipment UNICEF Cold Chain Support Package PDF
Cold chain equipment CHAI Building a cold chain maintenance system in Ethiopia PDF
Temperature monitoring CHAI Key considerations for the selection of temperature monitoring systems PDF
Temperature monitoring CHAI Implementing remote temperature monitoring devices (RTMDs) at upper-level stores PDF
Temperature monitoring CHAI Maximizing the impact of temperature monitoring studies PDF
Temperature monitoring Nexleaf Analytics Evaluating the benefits and costs of remote temperature monitoring: Evidence from Mozambique PDF
Human resources  USAID | DELIVER Pre-Service training: An innovative workforce development intervention to improve contraceptive service delivery PDF
Human resources  UNICEF Developing supply chain leaders PDF
Human resources  Gavi HR leadership for supply chain managers PDF
Human resources  People that Deliver The People that Deliver Initiative - Addressing the health supply chain capacity development gap PDF
Human resources  USAID | DELIVER Systematic assessment & planning of the supply chain workforce PDF
Human resources  AMP Vietnam: Empowering supply chain managers for saving more lives in hard-to-reach villages PDF
Human resources  JSI IAPHL: Powering the spread of supply chain knowledge to health professionals around the world PDF
LMIS and data UNICEF ViVa: Visibility for Vaccines PDF
LMIS and data  Auto-ID Labs Connecting vaccine-related logistical and healthcare information systems using linked data PDF
LMIS and data  USAID | DELIVER Improving Pakistan’s vaccine supply chain for better health outcomes PDF
LMIS and data  UNICEF Vaccine Arrival Report – Mobile application PDF
LMIS and data  PATH Standards-based equipment inventory and temperature monitoring data: Principles, challenges & opportunities PDF
LMIS and data JSI Using mobile phones to improve supply chain management of public health commodities PDF
Procurement and forecasting VillageReach Unveiling the hidden costs of the vaccine supply chain PDF
Procurement and forecasting GAVI Forecasting as a foundation: Gavi’s Strategic Demand Forecast PDF
Procurement and forecasting CHAI Beyond procurement: Ensuring successful rollout of cold chain equipment PDF