Global Initiatives

Global initiatives

This page provides a list of immunization resources and content related to global immunization initiatives, including advocacy and communications, awareness-raising, and global vaccination strategies.

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C. Country evaluation reports and related publications

Curated by: Alejandro Ramirez Gonzalez

B. Country case studies on COVID-19 vaccination

Curated by: Alejandro Ramirez Gonzalez

A. COVID-19 vaccination country experiences

Curated by: Alejandro Ramirez Gonzalez

Partner news

GNN monthly update: March - April 24'

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 - by Louise Henaff

World Immunization Week 2024: Celebrating Vaccine Victories

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 - by International Vaccine Access Center

EYE Strategy February and March 2024 Newsletter

Thursday, 25 April 2024 - by Moderator


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Monday, 22 April 2024 - by Michel zaffran

INFUSE 2024 call for innovations - Health efficiency to mitigate climate impact

Wednesday, 27 March 2024 - by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Upcoming webinar series on Why Gender Matters for Immunization

Monday, 12 February 2024 - by Michela Manna

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