ARABIC Version - Monitoring and reporting of essential immunization catch-up in the context of the Big Catch-Up

The Big Catch-Up is a global initiative launched in April 2023 to close immunization gaps caused by the backsliding of immunization coverage during the COVID 19 pandemic, restore global immunization levels, and strengthen immunization systems so that catch-up activities become an integral part of immunization programmes. Countries are employing various approaches to catch up un and under vaccinated children, such as routine service delivery, Periodic Intensification of Routine Immunization (PIRI), and Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIA). However, a significant challenge is that routine information systems including vaccination recording and reporting tools are often not yet adapted to capture catch-up vaccinations.

This document guides Ministries of Health, in-country immunization partners, and regional and global stakeholders on monitoring the Big Catch-Up and ongoing catch-up as an integral part of routine immunization.

Monitoring the Big Catch-Up is vital to close immunization gaps and prevent further disease outbreaks. It is also essential to learn from the initiative’s success, and to ensure accountability between countries, in country partners, and global stakeholders . During the Big Catch-Up and beyond, data systems should be strengthened to capture delayed doses and catch up monitoring should be integrated into all systems for monitoring routine vaccination coverage to ensure that no one is left behind.

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