JSI International Bulletin, November 2022, Issue 10

Recently Published Journal Articles by JSI Staff and Projects

International Social and Behavior Change Communication Summit
JSI is sponsoring and attending the Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Summit in Morocco between December 5-9. A variety of JSI experts and partners are presenting posters and holding workshops and events on different topics and experiences. Learn more.

Reimagining Health Supply Chains and Systems for Equity, Resiliency, and Country Ownership
The Global Health Supply Chain Summit kicked off in Senegal on November 30 and showcases a variety of supply chain focused presentations from JSI and our affiliates including inSupply Health and John Snow Health Zambia.

Global Digital Health Forum 2022
JSI and affiliates are presenting at this year’s Global Digital Health Forum between December 5-7 on various topics including data and digital country experiences from Niger, Indonesia, and Ethiopia, and on our approaches to digital health innovation and emerging technologies’ impact on improving health outcomes.

Primary Health Care and Immunization on the Road to Universal Health Coverage
On Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day, December 12, join immunization and Primary Health Care (PHC) professionals from health facilities, districts, and national and global teams in a special event to learn how, together, we are mutually strengthening immunization and PHC. Learn more.


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