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  1. Tara Newton
  2. Vaccines and delivery technologies
  3. Wednesday, 24 March 2021

The Single-dose HPV Vaccine Evaluation Consortium collates and synthesizes existing evidence and evaluates new data on the potential for single-dose HPV vaccination. Their goal is to inform global policy discussions and program guidance, as well as to raise awareness and understanding of its implications. The Consortium invites you to join a webinar with some of their researchers to review the recently released evidence.

The 31 March webinar (3-4 PM CET) will provide updates from clinic trials, observational studies, and modeling analyses on the efficacy, immunogenicity, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of single dose HPV vaccination.  If demonstrated to be effective, single-dose HPV vaccination could facilitate new options for current national programs by simplifying delivery and lowering program costs. For low- and middle-income countries that have delayed introducing HPV vaccines because of financial, logistical or other barriers; a single-dose HPV vaccination schedule could accelerate introduction of HPV vaccines into national immunization schedules.



Review of current, public evidence on single-dose HPV vaccination

Technical synthesis of the current published evidence for single-dose HPV vaccination

General summary of the current published evidence for single-dose HPV vaccination

Tara Newton Accepted Answer

Thank you for joining PATH and TechNet-21 on Wednesday 31st of March for the webinar on New single-dose HPV vaccination evidence and resources. Here are some links if you missed it, would like to watch it again or share it: 

Finally, should you have any question about this presentation, please don't hesitate to contact: 

Thank you. 

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