Recording errors in homemade home-based records to record vaccination services: results from the 2016 Kenya Missed Opportunities for Vaccination Assessment

Author: David W. BROWN, Collins TABU, Ikechukwu Udo OGBUANU


Homemade home-based records (HBRs) are often used to replace official HBRs during stock-outs. By their nature, homemade HBRs are often ad hoc in form and lack structure which may lead to immunization service delivery recording errors. We reviewed electronic photographic images of HBRs presented by caregivers attending primary care clinics with children aged <24 months. Lacking structure observed in homemade HBRs may compromise recorded data integrity and ultimately may impact a health worker’s decision making and ability to counsel caregivers about which vaccines and doses her child has received and which remained outstanding. Whenever possible, use of photocopies of the official HBR is preferred to homemade HBRs.


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