Friday, 03 June 2016
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PATH has been collaborating with Vietnam National EPI to pilot the Digital Immunization Registry in one district in a Southern province under Optimize Project since 2012. In 2014, this system was expanded in all 164 Commune Health Centers in that province. It can help to reduce workload burden, increase data accuracy and more importantly increase on-time vaccination rates. This intervention has been awarded the Health Innovation Award, a partnership between GSK and Save the Children in 2015. PATH is working closely with Ministry of Health and the local biggest telecom company to integrate this system into national health information system and scale up nationwide. Please find more information via the link below

Thank you for sharing. I would like also to highlight the role that Project Optimize had in Guatemala.Guatemala has continued working on the MOH registry that was supported by Optimize. You can see the report here: , and a link to a video on page 2 of that report.

8 years ago

Great to see that these immunization information systems started under Optimize are continuing to grow and expand!

8 years ago
I am excited to know about digital immunization registry software application. Having worked in immunization program and tried using computer solutions to EPI data managment, I can't agree any more on the immense value of computer software application. I just wonder if it designed in DHIS2 platform. If not, what is it developed on and how about the interoperability with system like DHIS2?


Bal Ram
8 years ago

It’s not designed in DHIS2 platform. We designed and developed it based on JHipster (this is very basic framework, for further information on JHipster you can see at and its’ programing language is similar to the language they used to develop DHIS2, it’s Java. It’s totally integrated with other system like DHIS2 via web-service.

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