Monday, 26 July 2021
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The makers of the Varo app and the makers of the Fridge-tag include free connector cables with every Fridge-tag order. By connecting the cable between your Android phone and a Fridge-tag, the temperature data can be easily read-out with the Varo app.

A standard bag with connector cables will be provided with every Fridge-tag order, with a ratio of 1:10 (‘one cable for ten Fridge-tags’). This applies to all Global Health users, regardless of whether the Fridge-tags are ordered as stand-alone or whether they come bundled with a refrigerator. 

This initiative aims to simplify the use of temperature data, and to simplify the work of health clinic staff. The free connector cables are available for a limited time until stock runs out (there is sufficient stock till the end of 2021). 


Fridge-tags are the first validated compatible 30DTRs:

More info:

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