Friday, 28 May 2021
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Dear Fridge-tag users,

We are happy to announce that the Fridge-tag is the first 30 DTR that have been validated by the makers of the Varo app to be fully compatible with the free Varo mobile application.

The Varo app allows any Fridge-tag user to easily share details about the cold chain performance. Cold chain managers can create a big picture overview with minimal effort. The Varo app enhances the power of the Fridge-tag with the ease of a mobile phone app.

The Varo app is free to have; and free to use. It is completely private, and the data is only accessible to the user and the manager.

There is no system to purchase or to install - anyone with an Android mobile phone can download and use the Varo app today. It is very intuitive and uses minimal text.

The Varo app works on any existing or any new Fridge-tag 2, Fridge-tag 2E or Fridge-tag Ultra Low


More information on the Varo app via:

More information on how the Fridge-tag and the Varo can work together:

2 years ago

Dear Hendrik

All of this developments are a great advance to improve the cold chain of vaccines, good job. I have a question: Is the MKT an important variable for the monitoring of vaccine´s temperatures? Is possible to calculate the MKT with any Fridge-tag? How long does the Fridge-Tag last? on average.

Thank you.

2 years ago

Dear Rafael,

Yes, MKT is an important variable for vaccine monitoring, to determine whether vaccines in the fridge or freezer are fit for use. The MKT and the temperature budget vary per vaccine so the calculation needs to be done per vaccine. The Fridge-tag measures the temperature in the fridge (or freezer). As this fridge might contain different vaccines and other medical products, the MKT calculation then needs to happen for each product separately. The Fridge-tag monitors the temperature for 3 or 5 years, whereas the MKT is relevant for the life cycle of individual products of vaccine (which are typically much shorter than 3 years).

The Varo app and the Pogo LT app can help with quickly generating the temperature information, and easier processing of the data for calculations of MKT as well as other variables.

The Fridge-tag 2 has an operating up to 3,5 years (1/2 year storage / 3 years useful life) and the Fridge-tag 2 E (extended) has an operating life up to 5,5 years (1/2 year storage / 5 years useful life). The battery status indicator on the display provides information on the remaining lifetime.

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