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  3. Thursday, 04 February 2016

UNICEF has launched an Innovation Fund (first-ever in the UN) to channel the energies of private sector, civil society and academia in support of strategic innovations for children.

The initiative will fund early-stage technical start-ups to support innovations in infrastructure (access to services and information incl. connectivity, power, finance, sensors and transport), products for youth, and real-time information for decision-making and governance.

This is a relevant, timely opportunity to reach out to our networks and leverage this funding to support regional and country-level institutions in developing innovations in information systems, sustainable energy, transport, temperature and stock management for immunization.

For more information please consult

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This is a really good innovation.

Most of us in the business got on this at a much later age and still managed.

Catching them youg will do a lot of justice to these managements in future.

My question is; What age are we talking about.

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No discrimination by age whatsoever.

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