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Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE)On March 1, 2024, HLN released a new version (v1.42.1) of the Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE). ICE is a state-of-the-art open source software system that provides clinical decision support for immunizations for use in Immunization Information Systems (IIS), Electronic Health Record (EHR), and Personal Health Record (PHR) Systems.

Version 1.42.1 includes updates to support the COVID-19 recommendations introduced on September 12, 2023. These recommendations are supported by an additional set of logic for the COVID-19 Vaccine Group. The new COVID-19 – September 2023 Onwards logic includes five series and adds support for the updated (2023–2024 formula) COVID-19 vaccines: CVX 309, CVX 310, CVX 311, CVX 312, and CVX 313. The two COVID-19 Vaccine Group rule sets, COVID-19 – Prior to September 12, 2023, and COVID-19 – September 2023 Onwards, are designed to work with one another, with prior history (i.e., before 9/12/2023) influencing current recommendations, as per the ACIP and CDC COVID-19 guidelines. See the Release Notes for additional details.

The ICE Implementation Guide has been updated with the new COVID-19 codes and the new Sept 2023 COVID-19 series names. A Google Sheet that lists all the coded values in the Implementation Guide is also available. 

Forthcoming ICE updates will include the introduction of a new RSV Vaccine Group, to support RSV recommendations for infants and older adults, as well as updates to the COVID-19 September 2023 Onwards logic. The COVID-19 update will address the February 28, 2024, ACIP vote and subsequent CDC endorsement of the recommendation for adults ages 65 years and older to receive an additional dose of the updated 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine.

If you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Read the feature article about ICE in Open Health News.

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