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  3. Saturday, 20 August 2022

Hybrid (Solar+Grid) Power Source to run a Walk In Cooler..A Clean n Green Initiative........

NCCRC has introduced the concept of "Hybrid (Solar+Grid) Power Pack to run the Walk-In-Cooler (Cold Room)..The objectives are well set for addressing the energy measure aspects & promoting the use of green energy.

The system recently has been installed & commissioned successfuly @ Gwalior Vaccine Store-MP state...

The system is having unparalleled benefits in terms of....

  • Use of Smart Technologies,
  • Real Time Monitoring of key parameters,i.e. Power & Energy (Source & Load)
  • Long Term Sustainability
  • Reliable & efficient operation,
  • Minimal maintenance,
  • No Batteries required,
  • Cost saving,minimizing the use of Genset
  • Equipped with all the safety measures,
  • Integration with existing standard set,
  • Complying National & International Certfication Standards,

Grateful to each & everybody who supported,contributed directly & indirectly in execution of this project.

Sharing link ......for the news,captured by local news channel..

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Thanks for the news Yogesh. This is an interesting and welcome advance. 

Am i correct in thinking that since there are no batteries, this is a solar direct drive system (inverter)? Also, do you employ any thermal storage and if npt do you boost the cold room during the day so that it has a liitle more naturaul holdover at night?

Apologies for the questions but i couldn't easily understand the news article on video

Best regards,


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Dear Ian,

Your guessing is absolutely perfect..The Power Pack designed doesn’t require any batteries.It is pure solar direct drive system equipped with smart inverter. The backup facility isn't there, neither in the form of chemical energies,i.e.,batteries & nor in the form of thermal storage.

The smart inverter system equipped, functions as a power conditioning unit (PCU) & shares the load also on grid, when solar power is insufficient, to meet the load current.. The system caters the load on solar power (with preference) during day time only (means 6 to 8 hrs/day)..The PCU, operates in three modes

  • Stand Alone PV Mode
  • Grid Sharing Mode
  • By-pass Mode

Smart control algorithm is there for Solar & Grid Power sharing, i.e., grid power supply gets connected to load (the transition is smooth) when the load cannot be met through the solar energy, assuring uninterrupted power supply.

Overall objective is energy saving & promoting the use of clean & green energy.

I hope I have answered your question…Please let me know,if anything more is required 


Many Thanks & Best Regards,


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