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  1. Oleg Benes
  2. Programme management
  3. Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Sharing herewith the “Guidance on routine immunization services during COVID-19 pandemic in the WHO European Region” developed by WHO EURO VPI team in consultation with WHO EURO COVID19 Team, ETAGE experts and UNICEF Regional Office.

The document aims to provide pragmatic guidance for national immunization managers on managing proggrammes during various stages of COVID-19 pandemic.

It is expected to be regularly revised and updated as the epidemiological situation of COVID-19 evolves and to address issues aiming to mitigate further the impact of pandemic on immunization.

Some key elements of the document:

- treating immunization as an essential health service to be provided as long as the COVID-19 situation allows;

- suggesting immunization options based on risk assessment (incorporating review of risks of vaccine preventable diseases; COVID-19 burden; and availability of immunization resources and vaccines supplies and logistics;

- Guiding principles for immunization programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic

- Programmatic considerations in conducting vaccination during COVID-19 pandemic and limiting risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission during vaccination sessions


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Hope, in India stakeholders / designated RI managgers / consultants / partner organizations / advisors to the govt at this juncture of COVID-19 pandemic will re-consider vaccination services as essential public health services from pediatric to geriatrics and issue COVID-19 compatible SOPs / Protocols for safe vaccination service delivery at the earliest for avoiding avoidable threats / havocs. 

KVG team is proactive to develop a local model both for demonstration and replication once we receive the green sugnals from the governemnt to re-start vaccination services to beyond newborns.  

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Many thanks Oleg for this update.

Just to add that I believe there are two additional immunization-related guidance documents about to be released that TechNet members may find of interest.

WHO HQ are finalising "Guiding principles for immunization activities during the COVID-19 pandemic". An FAQ document with more detailed programmatic advice will also be relased. We will share on TechNet as soon as it is published.

In addition, PAHO are finalising a region-specific document regarding the delivery of immunization services during the COVID-19 pandemic.


PS For all WHO guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic:

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