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  3. Monday, 10 May 2021

Dear all, I am doing some research on incentives provided to people to accept COVID-19 vaccine or who got already her/his vaccination I already collected a few experiences and websites (file attached) but am looking for more Whatever experience you know, please send me the information and the weblink, in whichever language Many thanks and warm regards, Eric Laurent

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Dear Eric, I read a couple of interesting articles on this recently. 

Vaccination incentives in various US states, from the New York Times:


The New Jersey “Shot and a Beer” program being a notable example:


Incentives by country, from the Guardian:


It will be interesting to read the studies on which incentives prove the most effective. Most likely it will be highly context-specific.

Hope this is of use!

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Thank Dan for the information

I am continuing collecting articles, also trying to sort out information through some indicators (Country, Incentive type, Company, Where, Limitation, Probe, How it works, etc.)

Let's see what we can find out of it

Any further information, please do not hesitate to reach me

Warm regards,



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