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Dear viewrs of techNet community

We wish to share the attached wherein a planning unit lead by AYUSH Lady Medical Officer has attained and sustained >95% FIC below one year and DPT 1st booster with OPV and MCV/MRCV. We feel proud to share this as it is attached to our Medical College. 

Quote-2012: “With near eradication of poliomyelitis, global immunization commitments have to be in clear focus. Chasing measles outbreaks is costly to families and health systems. It is time to move faster to fill population immunity gaps”.

Department of Health and Family Welfare services Dakshinakannada district in collaboration with partner organization (WHO) organized district level workshop on Measles elimination and Rubella control – the need of the year / month / week / day / hour.  Venue – IMA Bhavan, Mangaluru.

District Health & FW officer Dr Ramakrishna Rao along with team of resource persons lead by SMO Dr Sathishchandra formally inaugurated the programme. He emphasized that Medical Officers have to identify the gaps in vaccination and close it timely. Team of resource persons spoke on the following topics moderated by SMO who interactively elaborated on strategies of elimination, case based surveillance, outbreak response using “Mentimeter”, case studies and “station approach” for active participatory learning.

1.    Measles and Rubella (MR) Epidemiology

2.    MR elimination strategy

3.    Progress on MR case based surveillance

4.    Modified MR case based surveillance

5. Revised outbreak response

6. HRA prioritization

7. Monitoring Indicators and data analysis

8. Case studies & Station approach

Attaining and sustaining ≥95% MRCV two doses is the first of the 5 strategies. Dr Holla shared the following successful models operating in the field since Jan 2013 for attaining the same. Way back in Dec 2012, “Xmas Gift” was posted in the techNet-21 assuring >90% backlog clearance of MCV2 from 6% on 10th Jan 2013 – in just 2 weeks [Peraje Template]. The dramatic and unprecedented result of Peraje Sub-Centre was presented in the Academic Society Meeting in the Medical College on 30th Jan 2013 and ambitiously in the District Task Force [DTF] meeting at Dakshinakannada for replication in all the PHCs of the district. In just 3 months [Jan/Feb/Mar 2013] entire PHC Sampaje reached >95% of Full Immunization of below one year and complete immunization before 2nd year which included 2 doses of Measles. [Immunogram article published]. Measles and Rubella was introduced since Feb 2017.

The attached 2 pager with photo will be shared with the viewers for any additional inputs.

Way forward: District task force [DTF] to empathetically appreciate the success of PHC Kollamogru and replicate in all the planning units for acceleration. On authorization, KVG team is proactive in accelerating the coverage of MRCV two doses in all the remaining planning units of the district.

 Acknowledgement: We thank the organizers for inviting faculty from departments of pediatrics and community medicine of private medical colleges and the management for deputing KVG team.

With best wishes

Dr Holla n Team









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Dear viewers

On receiving vaccination data on the last session day, the table is updated. We added a small para of "paradoxical situation" as to how underestimating GOI, NHM iterations of supporting local innovations, bottom up apprach, the 6th objective of GVAP and  empathy towrads grass root level workers can retard & delay the achievement of universal goals and objectives. On the contrary, supporting local innovations supporting the 3 'A'ces empatheticall can achive and sustain very high coverage dramatically in as short duration as 4 to 6 months in Block / District. 

Updated 2 pager is attached with a positve note and request for replication and scaling up by the authorized progaramme managers and partner organizations. 

best wishes from

Holla n KVG team



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