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Dear TechNet members,

The 'COVID-19 Vaccination: Building Global Capacity' webinar series begins on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 12- 1 PM CET. The first session is intended to provide national and sub-national focal points in countries with an overview of the National Deployment and Vaccination Plan (NDVP) preparation, submission, and review process. Interpretation into the UN official languages and Portuguese will be made available, as needed.

The presenters will be:

  • Ann Moen (WHO, World Health Emergencies Programme)
  • Diana Chang Blanc (WHO, Expanded Programme on Immunization) TBC
  • Ioana Ghiga (WHO, World Health Emergencies Programme) yes

Time will be dedicated to answering questions from national and sub-national focal points.

If you haven’t yet registered for this event, you can do so here:

The session will build upon the guidance given in the following OpenWHO COVID-19 vaccine training:

Orientation to national deployment and vaccination planning for COVID-19 vaccines

We look forward to welcoming you on the call. Please feel free to ask follow-up questions by replying to this post. We will also share relevant resources, including links to the recordings in each language, on this page.

3 years ago

Dear colleagues, many thanks to those who attended the session this afternoon. If you were unable to attend, you can watch the recordings in English, French or Spanish by following the Youtube links below. (English) (French) (Spanish)

If you have any additional feedback or unanswered questions, please share them here. We are compiling a list of Q&A and will share here as soon as we can, along with the presentations and other related resources.  

3 years ago

Answers to all questions asked during the webinar session and in the two Telegram channels have now been answered by the session presenters. The full Q&A has been consolidated into a single document that can be found here:

These are the questions that have been answered:

  • If a country’s NDVP is not accepted at first, is there any way to get through?
  • Once a country receives its first doses of vaccines are we considered fully ready? Is our NDVP final?
  • How soon will the country be notified if its NDVP is accepted as per review ng the joint team and independent reviewers?
  • The NDVP process seems long - but your presentation suggests that there are only three key areas - so are the other areas of the NDVP optional?
  • Where can I find the status of a certain country regarding the COVAX program and the readiness of that country?
  • Does the same rules of the COVAX process apply for self-financing countries?
  • Do countries have to pay for vaccines supplied under the COVAX initiative?
  • Are you able to provide further details about the roles of the Joint Allocation Taskforce and the Independent Allocation of Vaccines Group in the NDVP assessment process?
  • Is there a reason why there is 20% of population in the initial allocation phase, not less than that or more than that?
  • Would vaccine allocation be affected by a country’s high level of resistance to COVID-19 information and vaccine? For instance: in Nigeria, only a few states have a COVID-19 response plan. Would this affect the allocation?
  • How soon will WHO share the deployment plan to Gavi countries? because there will still be need for state or district adoption into the operation plan
  • What is COVAX's planned schedule / timeline of regular allocations?
  • When can we expect the first shipment of the vaccine?
  • The vaccines available in the market have different storage and distribution requirements. How do you consider the country supply capabilities in vaccine allocation ?
  • Are countries likely to get vaccines from different manufacturers within the covax facility?

For more information on the two new Telegram channels supporting regions, countries, and partners in preparing for COVID-19 vaccine introduction, inlcuding how to join, please see the following forum post:

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