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  1. Daniel Otzoy
  2. Immunization information systems & coverage monitoring
  3. Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Dear colleagues

We have a new post in our blog and we appreciate your reading, feedback and dissemination in your networks. The Unique Digital Health Record: The Transformation of Health Services in Costa Rica Abstract Manuel Rodríguez Arce, Director of the Unique Digital Health Record Project, EDUS in Spanish, of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, CCSS, shares the experience of its implementation in Costa Rica using eHealth strategies and the main lessons learned in terms of digital transformation in health of the Costa Rican healthcare model.Link:

The original language of post is Spanish but you can also read in English, French and Portuguese, using the option "Idiomas" located in up-right position of our Web Site

Thanks and best regards Daniel Otzoy


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