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  3. Saturday, 26 June 2021

Dear stake holders and the viewers

We wish to share the following and the attached PPT for valuable inputs for further fine tuning.

“India’s COVID-19 cases are hurtling with breathtaking speed towards peak for the second time; longer a significant portion of our population is susceptible to COVID-19, more is the chance for the virus to mutate to a more infective or lethal form”.

But India launched one of the largest vaccination programmes since 16th Jan in phased manner with indigenous Covishield, Covaxin and despite innumerable challenges number of vaccinees crossed 300 millions in a short span of time attributable to the extraordinary political commitment, dedicated vaccination services from both the sectors and the steadily growing eager community participation.

The third vaccine under EUA is SputnikVTM to be used in full swing from 01 July 2021. Widespread distribution of these vaccines is the key in curbing the spread of the SARS CoV-2 as well as preventing the severe illness requiring hospitalization. Customarily introduction of any new vaccine is preceded by adequate training including points from country specific guidelines to vaccine specific “Facts”.

Author is one privileged person who wrote the operational protocols time to time and shared with the techNet viewers for additional inputs for further fine tuning of the PPT, this being the 12th.

Till date vaccination sessions conducted either in the hospital or in the outreach, whether for routine immunization or for supplemental immunization activities like pulse polio, Measles Rubella campaign including the current COVISHIELD & COVAXIN  –  require 2 to 8 0C temperature, using conditioned icepacks in the vaccine carrier. But the coming SputnikVTM Vaccine is to be maintained at subzero temperature [-25 & -15 0C], to be thawed only once at the session site, i.e. bringing to liquid form for enabling syringing-in from an ampoule and syringing-out for IM administration.

Currently all 3 approved vaccines require 2 consecutive doses at specified interval. Though the interval for Sputnik is 3 weeks [21 days], like any other vaccines requiring multiple doses, minimizing dropout is highly challenging. 10% DPT3-DPT1 dropout is programmatically approved. In this case with all-out efforts still one may phase ~5% drop out. If 1200 doses of Component 1 are administered to 1200 beneficiaries, exactly after 3 weeks, ≤1100 may access 2nd component; through mobilization another 40 to 50 may be reached, potentially 50 to 60 may be lost for 2nd dose from the same CVC who procure equal quantity of component 1 and component 2, incurring monetary loss for the 50-60 doses. This means the manufactures have to guard their vaccine procurers.  

   KVG team takes this opportunity to share the attached PPT for additional inputs for re-editing / fine tuning. In this PPT general guidelines from the GoI and points from the Vaccine fact sheet are used.

Best wishes

Holla n Team


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